DIY Latex Seal Replacement

Our unique DIY seal replacement system is specially designed to enable you to fit your own latex seals at home. We supply you with pre-prepared latex seals ready coated with DAMX compatible hot melt adhesive. The process is quick, reliable, achieves “as good as new” bond strength – and you avoid the cost of two way postage.    Our system is specially designed to make the task of replacing latex seals as fool proof as possible.

– No adhesives required.  No solvents required.

– Approx 20 minutes total job time.  Ready to use immediately.

– We provide written instructions and 20+ sequenced photographs for each type of seal – neck, wrist, sock.

– We are here to advise on the phone.

– If you get it wrong you can remove the seal and start again.

A major advantage of our DIY system is that it does not make it impossible for us at here DAM Watersports to do our “as good as new” seal replacement at some time in the future.  We sometimes receive our DAMX dry suits needing a new neck seal where the suit has previously had a neck seal glued in using an unknown mixture of often VERY inappropriate adhesives and/or some scuba diving type tape.  In such circumstances we are entirely unable to use our “as good as new” techniques and in some cases it is impossible to achieve a fully reliable fix.    

Please note that our DIY system can often be used with other manufacturers’ dry suits, but it is advisable to email us some photographs of the inside and the outside of your dry suit so that we can let you know if the system is compatible.  In some cases you will need to slightly adapt our instructions.