DIY Latex Wrist Seals Techniques Selection

DAMX dry suits have latex wrist seals fitted in two distinctly different  ways.  The DIY process for fitting replacement seals is very similar, but to avoid confusion you will need to select which instruction set to follow.

Use the information below to identify the wrist seal construction technique.

Inner And Outer Seamtaped Wrist Joint

In this ( the most common ) technique, you will see a ring of seamtape on the outside of the dry suit as well as on the inside.

This technique is almost always used where a wrist over-cuff is fitted.

Image: Inner and Outer Seamtaped Wrist Joint. Here you can see a view of the sleeve with the over-cuff pulled back. The external ring of seamtape is clearly visible. This positively identifies the "Inner and Outer Seamtaped" construction technique.

Stitched and Taped Wrist Joint

Most commonly use where there is no over-cuff fitted, but also used sometimes for other reasons.

There is a line of black stitching around the fabric of the sleeve end adjacent to the wrist seal joint. approx 4mm into the fabric.  There is no external seamtape.  Inside the sleeve you will see seamtape covering the joint.

Image: Stitched and Taped Wrist Joint. This image shows the sleeve with the over-cuff pulled back. A sleeve without an over-cuff looks very similar. Here you can see the line of stitching approx 4mm from the edge of the fabric.