Kayaking Options Details Features

Our flagship Kayaking Dry Suit with a track record extending back to the late nineties.  Robust tri-laminate fabrics coupled with  triple and double stitching with double taped seams to provide a construction which typically lasts past the ten year point.  There are examples of this suit still in use at twenty years old.

Will not leak until you wear holes through it.  Holes are ALWAYS repairable at any age.

Features included in base price:

– Latex neck, wrists and socks.

– Outer body skirt with made to measure neoprene waistband.

– Neoprene ankle protection

– Adjustable belt

The XP Series kayaking dry suit is designed for the very smallest/lightest paddlers or simply for those who prefer the most flexible dry suit fabric available.  The trouser section of the XP suit is identical to the 3000 series suit, but in the upper body we use a softer, thinner, more lightweight fabric.  The extra flexibility of the XP fabric is really only of noticeable benefit in the smallest sizes.  In these smaller suits, with the tighter curves and smaller cylinder sections, the softer fabric does make a noticeable difference. Please do note that the lighter XP Series fabric should not be expected to give the same degree of longevity as our customers have come to expect from the 3000 Series range. 

The downside of the softer XP fabric is its reduced resistance to abrasion damage and to localised stress related delamination in the usual paddle sports stress points along the sleeve.  These areas can be reliably repaired however and the entire upper section can be very cost effectively replaced ( with 3000 Series or XP fabric as required )

The base price of the suit includes the same features as the DAMX 3000 Series dry suit:

Total protection for the latex wrist seals – prevents accidental damage, approximately doubles the life of the latex wrist seals and gives a much improved watertight seal.  Neoprene and velcro adjustable design.  ( We do offer a cone type, non-adjustable design by special request, but this is not our preferred version )

A protective neoprene cone which protects the latex neck seal and makes the suit warmer by reducing wind chill.  Designed to avoid the abrasion and discomfort that can be experienced with some of the velcro adjustable designs.

Please note that this feature is not designed to be a tight fit – it will not provide any additional level of watertight seal beyond acting as a deflector.

We do offer a twin seal neck design which has a made-to-measure neoprene neck seal over the latex neck seal to give the highest level of watertight seal, but for most paddlers this will be over-kill and will certainly be less comfortable.  It is particularly unsuitable for people who have a short or very slender neck.  We do require that you visit us to approve the fit of this design.

A short dry suit zip allowing you to have a pee without the hassle of getting out of your dry suit. Fitted horizontally across the crotch area to minimise the flexing of the zip and fabric by aligning it with the natural folds of the suit when you are seated.  The zip is in a minimally stressed location and the failure rate is almost zero even in suits over ten years old.  The zip is concealed beneath a protective fabric cover. 

It is possible for women to use a comfort zip in conjunction with a “Shewee” ( funnel type thing! )  The zip is sited as low as possible in the dry suit for women.  It must be said that some women do not get along at all well with the comfort zip!!!  The Drop Seat design is the other option for women.

High contrast, high impact asymmetric two colour design.  Multi-coloured suits usually mean extra seams and early failure points. We have designed these suits to have only one additional waterproof seam in a totally unstressed part of the suit. Amazing colour contrast with no negative impact on the durability or flexibility of the suit. 

For the ladies – an alternative to the comfort zip + shewee. MUCH easier to use but it does have some drawbacks: the long zip is located around the lower torso and thus it has the potential to be highly stressed, flexed, compressed, folded, crushed and snagged when you are in your kayak. ( The drop seat zip has a much easier life in an open canoe situation ) 

We locate the zip so that you won’t be sitting on it, but you may have to adjust your cockpit padding. The suit will be fitted with internal braces instead of a belt because the drop seat zip overlaps the normal belt location – the braces are included in the price. 

Please note that our otherwise VERY supportive warranty will not cover most forms of drop seat zip failure.  It should be noted that the replacement cost is a significant £75. Despite all of this; if you need one, you need one and they are VERY much more convenient than the comfort zip. 

Adjustable braces with quick release buckles and a short elasticated section for strain relief.  Braces are unnecessary for the majority of body shapes – the belt and waistband will do the same job as braces but without the hassle of getting them crossed over, twisted or wrapped around your leg etc.  Braces can be fitted at a later date if you change your mind.

If any of your body measurements fall within the “extra large” definition, a 10% surcharge is applied to the base price of the suit. ( the +10% does not apply to the cost of any optional extras – over-cuffs, over-necks, comfort zips etc ) 

Extra Large is defined as being in excess of any of the following:  6’4″   18 Stone    49″ chest, stomach or hips/bottom.