Made To Measure

All DAMX dry suits, dry trousers and cags are fully customisable and made-to-measure:

– tailored to fit the individual – our fit formulae have evolved as a result of over twenty years of experience.

– absolute freedom of movement, total comfort – maximum performance.

– shaped/profiled to match your specific type of sports or workwear applications.  

– sport specific, multi-sport, rescue fit or general purpose…

– personalised embroidery.

– disabilities, extreme body proportions or simply personal preferences catered for.

– we offer an extensive options list to cater for all specialisms.  Also: one-off design features are our speciality. 

– for organisations with multiple personnel suit usage we offer a full range of application specific “standard” sizes.


The made to measure process:

Please contact us by phone or by email to request an information pack.

– we will send you a very detailed information sheet specific to each garment type giving details, advice and describing the options/prices available.  

– we also supply a size record sheet with a set of clear diagrams and text explaining how to take a set of body measurements.

– if you have any questions or very specific requirements please phone or email and we will be pleased to assist.

– fill in the size record sheet and select the type of garment, the type of sport/usage, colours, options etc.

– email the size record sheet to us and we will:

            – check your measurements over for errors.

            – we might ask you to re-check any “suspect” sizes or maybe ask for additional measurements.

            – we will reply with a quote confirming the price and offer a reliable delivery date.

             – if this is acceptable – please confirm and we will proceed.

             – we don’t require any deposit or payment at the time of order, but we do request payment just prior to despatch.


If you would prefer to make an appointment to visit to be measured please contact us.

We are also happy to make appointments for you to collect in person.