DAM Watersports – Ordering Procedure:

In addition to the basic information on this website, each item in  our product range has an extremely informative “product spec. sheet” which will give you full details of  all aspects of the drysuit; colours, features, component details, recommendations and the options available ( all price itemised ) We can send information and spec. sheets by post or by email.

We believe that choosing the specification of your drysuit should involve some kind of dialogue between ourselves and our customers.  This might be as simple as us checking your completed “size record sheet” and your selected options – then quoting a price and a delivery date.  In more unusual circumstances there might be quite a detailed discussion involving one-off design features, multi-use compromises  or features to address disabilities etc… 

There is a lot of information to digest and some important decisions to make about the type and specification of your garment.  We are always very happy to have a conversation on the phone to help and advise you about the most suitable options to select.

If after reading the information, you feel you would like more help, or you feel uncomfortable about measuring yourself, you are welcome to call in person and we can do the measuring for you. Appointments are available during Monday to Friday working hours and sometimes outside of those hours.

Placing An Order:
The usual procedure is for you to send us a completed size record sheet, either by email or by post. The sheet should have all the relevant size data, specification of garment and your contact details – both home address and delivery address if that is different.

We will reply with a very reliable delivery date and a price.  If this meets your requirements, please confirm and your manufacturing slot will be allocated. We do not require payment at this time but we do request payment before despatch.

Delivery Dates:
We always quote a delivery date which will be a very realistic and easily achievable date. We would expect to deliver slightly before this date in most circumstances. We have an excellent track record for delivering on time.

We accept payment by bank transfer or by cheque payable to DAM Watersports.
For bank transfers, please give your name as reference.

For most of the UK delivery of goods is by next day carrier service. For security reasons a signature will be required – the goods will under no circumstances be left on doorsteps, in out- houses etc.  A work address is often preferable as it avoids the “sorry you were out” left card scenario – with rearranged delivery dates etc….
Although a signature is required, you do not need to personally sign to receive the goods – a receptionist, neighbour etc. can sign.  If you provide a mobile phone number, our carrier will text you with a one hour delivery slot.